Mrs. Zvart Minassian offers private piano lessons to students of all ages and all levels in Katy, Texas. Her studio is located off of Mason Road, south of Highland Knolls. She has been teaching piano since 1982.

Her goal is to instill in her students a life-long appreciation and love for music. Her purpose of piano lessons is to enrich the soul, nurture the mind and bring a sense of fulfillment which is so rewarding. While she sails through the teaching journey together with her students, it is a joy for her to see their progress and accomplishments over the years.

A lot of her students are Theory Gold Medal winners, Honor's Trophy winners for Sonatina Festival and Spring Festival.

Seven out of ten parents express their regret for not having received any music education as a child. The gift of music is so powerful. Those who are blessed with this wonderful gift, no doubt, are happier and smarter.